General Khamis Gaddafi Libya Liberation Army Green Brigade 32 …

“” Our blood is not cheap. None of the enemies, and even those who do not sleep in peace until his death, I swear to God and honor the Libyan army officers

*** Thanks to all our supporters in Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet republics. I am especially grateful to the brave men of the people who have been here, beside us, to protect my country from aggression. We will either win or die, because nobody has the intention to surrender or flee. Dying in battle with soldiers – that is the dream of anyone who defends his homeland. “Khamis Gaddafi said the General …
*** Khamis Gaddafi at a Time 13 Dead Mercenaries Tripoli by reviving and Continuing Rebels fighting the media lies about his death ja baptized him immortal warrior Libya … the media lies of so-called rebels and to stay naked before the world they are mercenaries from other countries and not the Libyan people, is paid millions of dollars in advertising, news, and several other types of media.
*** Five Khamis Gaddafi Continuing Resurrecting Dead Time Mercenaries by Tripoli and The Rebels fighting the lies half ja About His Death Baptized him immortal warrior of the Libya … half the lies of so-Called rebels and to stay naked Before the World That are mercenaries from other country clubs and not the Libyan people, millions of dollars is paid in advertising, news, and other types of Several half
. Khamis Al-Gaddafi, “My father is alive and still fighting”
Khamis Al Gaddafi
International (LVO): In the coming days, our attention should focus on the colonel’s son, who denies the death of the Libyan leader.
Libyan media said today Khamis Al-Gaddafi has recorded a video message to the media, where he says that Colonel Al-Gaddafi is right and in Libya, where he continues his fight against invaders and the traitors of their people .

Source: La Voix des Opprimes


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