Declaration of hegemony and allegiance for Mujahid Commander Saif Al Islam al Gaddafi -on friday 18.11.2011

Declaration of hegemony and allegiance for Mujahid Commander Saif Al Islam al Gaddafi -on friday 18.11.2011

de Olivera Olja Ilić, el Martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011 a las 19:51

Libya: the resistance is preparing to give official of hegemony and allegience to  Saif al-Islam Gaddafi  on Friday .. tribes of resistance will continue and instructions obscured the news ..

Sources said the Libyan resistance that next Friday 18 of this month will be a declaration of allegiance and docking, “Mujahid Commander Saif al-Islam Muammar al-Gaddafi.”

According to the arrangements, the tribes will announce the launch Biatha and to liberate the country from NATO and the Zionist Germanh and his mercenaries and its clients.

With the escalation of the Libyan resistance, the chance of transmission of resistance to new methods and tactics are necessary according to the military expert.

Quoted by news agency correspondent Association for Youth resistant to target the core of the liberation war of attrition not only customers but not to enable them to settle even Andhroa.

According to the correspondence, the resistance operations advertised during the last 48 hours claimed 21 of the customers and NATO mercenaries, including 3 of Arab nationalities and 2 Western U.S., one of them has been identified the nationality of the second.

These include 3 statistical areas in Libya.

It seems that the plans are to do Baalmyat resistance in different cities and at one time.

With a sense of the difficulties the east of Libya and its participation in the destruction of the country seems this section of the country may A_h and the spread of the corruption, drugs, extortion, assassinations and disappearances.

News and media fell to Libya in international agencies after he was informed reporters and journalists that the matter will not be important Libyan far.

It seems that the reason for this decline is to prevent the dissemination of news about the theft of the country by the companies and the forces of NATO’s own.

And always going theft and looting of the country is far from the media.

NATO mercenaries and seized the assets of an estimated $ 27 billion represents money and gold and articles of valuables too.

Not be referred to until now in agreement with the rats Transitional Council.

Libya is the first country in the world ruled by an elderly rats also echoed to this day to Libyan news agency correspondent Association.

Association news agency and the voice of all Arab resistance/ Algeria-Libya



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