Report Libya Rictv News : Green resistance 17/11/2011


1. Report Libya : 35 Rebel pickup Trucks were destroyed in Ain zara. 3 tanks were destroyed in Tripoli by Green resistance.
2. Report Libya: Misrata was hit by Major blasts as Tribal war continued between Pro-Gaddafi South misrata against North misrata rebel brigade
3. Report Libya : NATO continued airstrikes in South of Libya bombing Taurag bases and military that continue fighting against NTC mercenaries
4. Report Libya : Misrata brigade declares it will leave the NTC and Continue on its own. Refuses to Integrate with NTC army.
5. Report Libya: East libya Cities of Baidah and Derna and Tobruk are preparing for War against Benghazi Brigades. East libya infighting begins
6. Report Libya: benghazi brigades prepare for War against Ajdabiyah area and Brega and Ras lanuf people and Brigades.
7. Report Libya: Green resistance and ARRAI TV discovered document by EU stating a Plan to split libya into 5 parts and Permission by EU for it
8. Report Libya: Eu Representative Met with Different Brigades and especially Misrata Brigade spoke about Splitting of Libya into 5 parts.
9. Report Libya: NTC is furious as all brigades refuse their orders.. Bel haj ALQAEDA brigade and Misrata brigade both of them reject NTC
10. Report Libya: Misrata brigade has executed all civilians that were healed by Red cross and executed Civilians that survived in Hospitals.
11. Report Libya: Misrata brigade has lost many Fighters… but they still have 700 tanks and need to attack new areas as Misrata lacks oil
12. Report Libya: Green resistance in Sirte has Defeated Misrata brigade in two areas of Sirte and are Now removing Rebels from entire city.
13. ahmed shaater said I traveled to tripoli/benghazi/zintan “rebels offering children cigerates and Drugs and alcohol to later join brigades”
14. Ahmed Shaater said “visited Zintan there is no life and civilians all suffer. few deceived youth joined brigades even they are sad now”
15. Ahmed Shaater is man with influence from Zintan tribe and hes Pro-Gaddafi he said half of zintan are pro-Gaddafi
16. Ahmed Shaater “Traveled to Benghazi its total poverty there. recently NTC called people to celebrate nobody came so Aljazeera just left”
17. Ahmed Shaater said “walking in Tripoli Between hotel and main road. not less then between 5000-10000 foreigners brought by Qatar”
18. Report Libya: Green resistance has Removed Rebels from another Area in Sirte. heavy Fighting continues Rebels removed from 3 areas in city
19. Report Libya: Big attack on Compound housing bel haj brigade in tripoli many mortar rounds fired into Compound many rebels seen rushed away.
20. Report Libya: Green resistance attacked Checkpoint and International airport they burned Fuel Trucks and Pickup trucks and left the scene.
21. Report Libya: North misrata Brigade commander has been Killed by South Misrata Tribes in Misrata.
22. Report Libya: as said by Hamza”jamahiriyah” Warfalla Tribe is heading to Baniwalid
23. Report Libya: Bel haj ALQAEDA Brigade and Zintan Brigade are fighting each other in Tripoli and destroying civilian homes reckless shooting
24. report libya: Taurag fighters continue to fight against the Rebels in Sabha. But NATO airstrikes continue on Southern libya region
25. Rebels From North Misrata brigade and Bel haj brigades are fighting with People of baniwalid. fighting is not inside of Bw its in the surrouding areas and sometimes close to the city of BW.


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