Support the Green Libya reporte 18 November

NTC leaders-NATO puppets threaten fighting Libyan people that they will wipe off Tripoli like they eliminated Sirt and Beni Valid earlier.

Yesterday, November 17, Al Rai TV (Ivory) reported that rebel leaders threaten Wershvanh and other tribes that NTC will incinerate Tripoli like Sirt and Beni Valid if patriots will not surrender or step back.

The reality is that all this comes directly from N…ATO aggressors who eliminated Libyan cities and towns, destroyed civil targets, water food and electricity supplies. They brought hell into Libya aiming to scare Libyans and to force them to surrender. But Libya after 9 months of invasion and 8 months of carpet bombing continues to resist occupation.

NATO squads stay in Libya under cover of chemical, nuclear and other WMD searching. Truth is that those are death squads targeting to rape and torture kids, women, aged people. Such squads were invented by Nazi Germany, historical loop closed-western individualism easily transformed to fascism, population of countries which are called “totalitarian” by mass media are considered to be non-humans. People of so-called democratic countries watch this massacre on TV like a movie. Western individualism is the completed form of nationalism when people start to hate each other inside one nation. For such people all surrounding humans are enemies and rivals. Murder, lies, violence are living standards for them. NATO soldiers who are slaughtering Libyans now do not consider Libyans to be humans because Libyans are different, they are barbarians, they do not want to gift their oil, and they are breeding like beasts, as such, they can be killed. Mind of German soldier was exactly the same when he seized Russian child by leg and crushed kid’s skull because the child did not allow him to sleep well. When NATO soldier shoots kids in Libya and other occupied countries he is doing absolutely the same. Fascism has not gone from Europe-it only changed the title and is now called democracy.

NATO by means of it’s puppets threatens to incinerate Libya’s towns if patriots will not surrender. I’m sure that people of Libya will continue to fight invaders and traitors.

According to Al Rai the answer to NTC ultimatum was as follows:

The days when NATO covered you are gone. We shall meet you face to face and see what will happen. We’ll fight till the end against injustice and shame”

NATO is already bombing tawareg’s villages, killing kids and women and destroying homes. There is nothing to loose for Libyan Army and Green Resistance, the fear vanished there’s only fierce and hatred, the steely will to fight till death.


World media: “ With all claims on finishing military operation in Libya not one(!) war ship of NATO left Libyan marine territory…”

That means NATO like Nazis during WWII will destroy resisting towns which is only vengeance for fighting.


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