Libyan tribes protesting the new government

Libyan tribes protesting the new government      Rate ThisLibyan tribes protesting the new government TRIPOLI (Reuters) – The Libyan tribes on Wednesday it would not recognize the new government after its announcement, fueling areas, the differences between the way that threatens the stability of the country.The Prime Minister-designate Abdul Rahim Cape government, which aimed to satisfy the various Libyan tribes and took into account the interests of groups and clusters that are competing to fill the vacuum left by the fall of the late leader Muammar Gaddafi.He said the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court Maurice Moreno Ocampo during a visit to Tripoli that the trial of Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam in Libya will be available if certain conditions.He told Reuters that he believed that the intelligence chief at the time of Gaddafi Abdullah Sanusi, which requests the Court also handed over for trial – such as Saif al-Islam – was not arrested. The Libyan officials had announced earlier in the arrest of al-Sanusi.There were no immediate signs of opposition to the government by the major powers, particularly Islamists who have not received any of the big government positions, but small groups complained ignored.The cabinet announced the latest step in Libya’s progress towards building new institutions after three months of the most bloody uprisings Arab spring, which ended the rule of Gaddafi, which lasted 42 years.A witness told Reuters that about 150 people gathered Wednesday morning to protest outside a hotel in Benghazi in eastern Libya where there are offices of the Transitional National Assembly.He said the witness said the protesters waved banners denouncing what they called the government of strangers. And led a demonstration, a group of tribes Awaji and Moroccans who were upset not set their representatives in the important positions.The group called on the name of the Libyan Amazigh Congress to suspend all relations with the Transitional National Assembly due to the formation of the government.The Amazigh ethnic minority suffered persecution in the reign of al-Qadhafi and pushing for the recognition of language and culture on a large scale in Libya, the new.The group said in a statement that the temporary freeze will apply to the Council to respond to the demands of the Libyan Amazigh.The International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Saif al-Islam for crimes against humanity. After talks with Libyan officials said Moreno-Ocampo said the court would not insist on being transferred to The Hague for trial.He told reporters: “I have a standard and the International Criminal Court is that there must be a judicial process not regulated to protect the suspect. And that is everything.”“And for that matter in Libya .. very important to consider such issues in the country and I respect that. This right and have nothing to say. And I do not compete on this issue.”States welcomed the Bank – which had supported the opposition to topple the rule of Gaddafi and has a significant interest in the success of his successor – the new government, saying it will be Libya toward democracy.The choices of the Transitional National Assembly of the people who occupied ministerial positions to provide a sense of belonging to areas of expertise or professional history.The foreign diplomats expect to assume the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Libya’s deputy ambassador to the UN Ibrahim Dabbashi. But the position went to Ben Ashour imagination, a diplomat is not known from the city of Derna in eastern Libya, a stronghold of anti-Gaddafi since a long time.Ruler Ali Altarhuni academic who was residing in the United States, returned from exile to manage portfolios of oil and finance during the war against Gaddafi any positions in the new government. Western diplomats consider it a partner they can rely on.He took good Zqlam the Chief Executive and the oil sector while the Ministry of Finance, Abdel-Rahman bin Lise CEO former company ENI, the Italian minister of oil.The composition of the government represented a setback for the Islamists, who seems to have emerged in recent months as a force to be reckoned with and they are looking to fill the post of defense minister.He took the job Osama Aljowaily commander of the military junta of xanthan in western Libya. Emerged as a candidate for this position recently after the success of the units that led the arrest of Saif al-Islam earlier this week.

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