Libya News 26/27/11/11 Saif Al Islam Gadhaffi. Military Green sent a delegation

Libya News 26/27/11/11 Saif Al Islam Gadhaffi. Military Green sent a delegation of 25 doctors, nurses, negotiating team, council and federation leaders Zentan Jamahiriyah neutral with a private jet to visit Saif. Zentan crews established a set of requirements for the exchange of prisoners or extradition. These are the demands of Zentan:
(1) full written guarantee on the security role of the army green, which includes stopping all attacks and imprisonment.
(2) economic security, the people of Zentan unrestricted access to the South and open all doors and Africa’s borders unhindered.
(3) Zentan Edition with 5 to 10% of all mid-range high-ranking posts in the 8998 world military board army green.
(4) Equal access for 5 to 10% of all green capital liquidity, including domestic savings, the overall savings, the resources of the bank, a bank of gold, Agricultural Bank, the world’s banks tribal federation, communication systems and support.
(5) Safety material covenant (2), the transfer of 5 to 10% of southern green missiles and ballistic Zentan base, including cruises desert, jets, MiG planes, helicopters and fighter jets, 2 million airspace based on surface and ground units with rockets.
(6) Academic exchange for people Zentan Zentan and children, including children’s access Zentan all privileges granted to the children of green, education abroad with pay, allowances, medical care, transport and passport. (7) The collective security for all peoples of Zentan, native Zentan issue green passports in times of war and peace.
(8) Zentan need air ambulance 20 doctors and 100 heavy vehicles, landmine clearance and machines.
(9) Freedom according sky travel, landing rights for aircraft Zentan and modernization of Zentan transport aircraft, civil, military and cargo.
(10) green hospital Full funding and new airport.
(11) Zentan be awarded the Abraham and Jacobean code of conduct, trust, honor and the law of humanity if all the green card.
(12) Zentan Ceasation of hostility with the removal of all green representing Army units in the territory of Zentan, open the border to Tunisia and Algeria.
(13) covenants of civil and military technology.
(14) tribal federation agreements.
(15) game on the bench top power, not to exceed 10% of all national income and budget green.
(16) Repair of damaged infrastructure Zentan the gray levels and capacity.
(17) Treatment of Zentan as a true national army, not as a proxy army.
(18) is 100 billion dollars enough compared to the secret treasure of worldwide military green and Gadhaffi clan, the whole world is aware of this fact, why do you think is in Libya Qatar, no Somalia, Sudan, not all democracies need?
(19) Zentan must be updated every 30 days.
(20) Emissary of green army.
(21) Establishment of a green council Zentan on the basis of the federation and green tribal alliance federation, Zentan treat on the basis of NATO, American or European code of conduct.
(22) Truth and Reconcilliation Commission to the competent national dialogue.
(23) All-day supply of 250 000 gallons of gas and jet fuel.
(24) Authorize each green support base to see Zentan as friends, not enermy.
(25) Allow the honor of seeing Zentan Moammar Gadhaffi is somewhere in Algeria, we know that this business of the tricks of the military, all warfare is based on giving the wrong information enermy, green national military has the duty to comply is the obligation of national unity in order to restore confidence Zentan.
(26) Truth be told, replace all military green proxy militia Zentan.
(27) End executions by the Red Army and the Red Brigades, until a competent authority in place.
These requests and demands of Zentan be studied, and made it clear that rather than being on the road in case you had missed something. It has to be studied in depth, not sure if the logic being Zentan these!.


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  1. Permitir el honor de ver Zentan Moammar Gadhaffi está en algún lugar de Argelia, sabemos que esto de los trucos de los militares, toda guerra se basa en dar la enermy información incorrecta, verde militar nacional tiene el deber de cumplir la obligación de la unidad nacional a fin de restablecer la confianza de Zentan.