Tripoli extend collisions between the fierce fighters of the Liberation Army of Libya and mercenaries from NATO / CNT towards the international airport and the offices of the CNT.
The marksmen green manage to liquidate the three traitors, who were the commanders, supposedly, “the battalion of revolutionaries of Tripoli.” As the Resistance fighters attacked the camp of the insurgents’ Broad Shields, “28 armed fighters are deleted. Just before the city spent the arrests. The rats were chosen youth of the tribe of Warfalla on the market Friday (Friday market), in Tadjoura and Abu Salim. Some groups of Zintan together with groups of tribes Warfalla. On the radio call of rat CNT’s call of the urban authorities with the call for committed volunteers to join the detachment prepared by rats in the expedition to the front at Bani Walid.
Bani Walid: Now Bani is QWalid circled. Around the city is concentrated a large group ГРАДов (nearly 250), the Israeli air force works. There is information that the attack on Bani Walid will happen today or tomorrow. The main strike force is made by the foreign mercenaries of Misrata.
Sirte: October 20, 2011 following the bombing and the actions of French mercenaries CNT in Sirte Sirte and in many people perished. Friday, October 28 and Monday, November 28 were announced in the days of mourning over the dead. In the city we continue to find the graves of the urban perishing, but this human tragedy causes no comment from the UN and other organizations for the protection of “human rights”.
Al’-Berak: Yesterday the Patriots Green strength, with the help of anti-aircraft guns and РПГ, attacked the escort of NATO heading to the Brega oil terminal. At first it blew abiord a vehicle, then the resistance fighters Green caught in an ambush remained armed vehicles and trucks. All the mercenaries of the escort were liquidated.
Aldjabiya: Tribes of Adjabiya said they reject the CNT. The teams attacked Adjabiya teams Benghazi.
Tobruk, Derna and the regions of Eastern Libya are preparing for the fight against CNT and the team Salabi.
To the south of Libya there is heavy fighting between the teams Sabha and Misrata. The bandits led intense artillery. The bombing of civilian areas of South Libya. They try to break down resistance fighters Green Basin oil and base Akaka South regional oil. The Braves Touaregs continue to protect the national interests of the people of Libya…..


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