News of the Libyan resistance – December 1, 2011

News of the Libyan resistance - December 1, 2011
Posted on 2011/12/01 by rictvanoticiastv

Operation Green Army fighters in Tripoli. Liberation Army fighters from Libya performs a silent weapon. The NATO-mercenary “Abdessalem Ambiya Radouane” has been murdered, was home alone with two other mercenaries in Tripoli. This traitor was the person who betrayed the army green to provide information to the mercenaries who killed 28 Libyan soldiers of the Army for the Liberation of Libya.

Two foreign soldiers killed. Cell Fighters “Raed” of Libya’s Liberation Army destroyed the fuel tank large Lanouf Raes society that lies between the plant site and the new oil port. Violent clashes between NATO-green soldiers walk rats lasted 3 hours. Two foreign soldiers killed.

An explosion at Jomo Souk. Last night, a loud explosion and exchanges of gunfire shook Jomo Souk area. The Liberation Army fighters to intensify operations in Libya.

Fighting in Tripoli last night: the Al Andalus, the violent clashes between fighters of the Liberation Army of Libya and NATO mercenaries. More fighting near the school Kortoba.

Arrival of NATO-Libyan mercenaries Misrata and Zenten in Turkey to attack Syria. Misrata Time, a source told Pro CNT, confirmed the arrival of the first group of NATO and Zenten Misrata mercenaries in Turkey, to enter Syria. Abdelhakim Belhadj was responsible for coordination with Turkey for the transfer of funds to the Libyan mercenaries.


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