“It is criminal the Oligarchy Vallecaucana undemocratic” Sterling PCHR-Valle Athemay

“It is criminal the Oligarchy Vallecaucana undemocratic” Sterling PCHR-Valle Athemay
of Sterling Athemay Acosta, Thursday, December 8th, 2011 at 1:44

Again I come to Cali Caicedo Park where two beautiful and warlike people on hunger strike demanding that a representative of the oligarchy and the cracked vallecaucana “national unity” Santos-Angelina fulfills a court order to reinstate them, since when seven years ago the Government of AUV was fired 51 workers of EMCALI by the mere fact of being union members, leaders and popular fighters in the lighter state terrorism against the people and workers.

These two people are beautiful and seasoned woman Viviana Villamil female head of household and Alberto Villegas Eduar member of the Indigenous Guard, an authority of the Special Court, both parties dismissed workers Emcali vallecaucana oligarchy that has not only dared to hit humble workers and creators of wealth, but also have made honest and / or determined the criminal actions of paramilitaries in the Cauca Valley, and today members of the fourth “national unity” that continues to develop systematic policy against a whole society and the people.

This neoliberal oligarchy vallecaucana mafia and do not mind the Colombian legal disregards a court order for as long as workers continue to beat even with the existence of a Providence that orders a Juris Guardianship failure to reinstate the 51 workers unfairly dismissed.

Breach fault that Mr. Uribe Santos, Ramiro Tafur Sabas, and forced, therefore, workers and people using the hunger strike by a mother and a father in a public and notorious in the Cali’s Central Park, they and all their rights formally intact but violated in practice, in this case who, first, failure to meet that workers Guardianship Pro to reinstate them immediately.

It happens then that this illegitimate regime most corrupt politician from Bogota to Cali when he disrespects the ILO recommendation to reinstate the 51 workers on their rights violated.

The Standing Committee for the Defense of Human Rights in Colombia, PCHR-Valle, endorses this battle for the Worker Rights and yet becomes legally intervener before the international tribunals for the punishment for violating the Colombian State to International Treaties, and before the regular courts to devote itself immediately all appropriate legal process for those who fired the 51 workers should be judged along with those now in spite of the legal system continue to gloss over this legal nonsense while complying with legal commandments.

The criminal disrupt the Dragon of the labor movement seems to be still standing, will therefore now that the International Criminal Court Office close to your respective criminal proceedings against persons of the National Government, State, Municipal and Managers and auditing Emcali involved, that criminal act against humanity and rights, as the Colombian internal justice could not, not able, or not to leave or not or whatever, but I was exhausted all the task forces the internal Juris ICC Prosecutor to initiate informal action in the case.
Sterling Athemay Acosta
Standing Committee for the Defense of Human Rights in Colombia, PCHR-Valle
Caicedo Cali Park, December 7, 2011.

“National unity” against the people

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