Benghazi sí Maoummar Gaddafi todavía está vivo” (5 de enero de 2012) …

benghazi canto manifestantesSí … sí sí sí Maoummer todavía está v “ivo” (5 de enero de 2012) …
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ARGELIA ISP / Dhida Según Yawm 17 fibrayr Fi Libia (17 de febrero contra Libia), el
eventos importantes en las calles de manifestantes Benghazi cantar “وي وي وي وي .. معمر قاعد حي “” Sí … sí … sí sí Maoummer todavía está vivo. ”

Es lo que dijeron que el líder libio sigue vivo o que significa que el Gobierno de la CNT sigue trabajando con ex miembros de la Libia (los que han traicionado al líder libio)?….
An autopsy determined that the identity of the deceased was for certain, Ali Madzid Al Andalus, a resident of Sirte and a Gaddafi family distant relative who resembled him.
Soon TV will risque publishing images of the video message sent by Khamis Gaddafi which shows Khamis, Saif Al Islam and Muammar al- Gaddafi, taken day before yesterday. They said that it will be announced as soon as they are prone to be sure that NATO and the rebels do not could reach them. This came from yesterday, debunking the “death” of Muammar and Khamis.

Source: La Voix des Opprimes

The Hollywood film of the CNT in which NATO is shown twice humbled a name Ali Majid al-Andalus He was born in the year 1942th in Sirte, Libya. It was famouse because it was very similar to Colonel M. Gaddafi. Past 20 years, was a merchant in a local shop in Sirte. He was killed 10/20/2011

Libya – Tripoli Rumors – The guide Maoummer Gaddafi is still alive (December 28, 2011)
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Posted on 28/12/2011 at 13:48Source: ALGERIA ISPALGERIA ISP / Haraka Elmokawama According to Libya, violent clashes between fighters the army of liberation of Libya and the rebels in the region and city Kardji Andalusians. Military aircraft flying over the area. Several dead rebels in the Andalusian city.The rebels accuse the youth of Abu Slim as executors of the massacre at the checkpoint of Andalusian city.Rumors in Tripoli say that the guide Maoummer Gaddafi is alive and that young people are with him in Abu Slim.Resisters have written the slogan “O Allah Maoummer Libya Bess” on the cars of the rebels which has frightened.

vía Libya – Tripoli Rumors – The guide Maoummer Gaddafi is still alive (December 28, 2011).


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  1. Where is the video of the benghazi protesters, chanting “he is alive”? This video above is another video. What happened?

    Dónde está el video de los manifestantes de Benghazi, cantando “él está vivo, está vivo…”? Este video arriba es otro video. Qué pasó?