Gaddafi forces march to Tripoli 25th 2012


25th 2012

fraco atiradora libiaGaddafi forces march to Tripoli 25th 2012

The first
Supporters of former leader of Libya in the counter
Gaddafi march to Tripoli
conquered Bani, fighting in Benghazi in the capital. Valid Bani, which is the last Sirt fell to the new control regime local yesterday Varhala powerful tribe, the new government says progadafijevske forces

Bani Libyan people valid in the hands of forces loyal to the slain leader Muammar Gaddafi, who said the green flag of the old regime.
During the last 48 hours there have been several armed attacks in regular military units in Tripoli and Benghazi, I do not know if they are mutually coordinated.
Furthermore, it is unclear whether Bani really valid considered combatants captured progadafijevski mind or was the revenge of the local tribes to steal the place of the known record of Misra.
Rebel soldiers who destroyed Gaddafi

Attacks on soldiers loyal to the new authorities usledili three months after Gaddafi was killed and the biggest blow to the interim government. Western governments are losing faith that the National Council and its leader Abdel Džalil can control the country.
Especially after last week over the protests and former partner, who were not satisfied due to the compensation payable to the wounded in the Civil War. So Džalil attacked three days ago in Benghazi gnevnih the combatants, while his truck burned. His deputy, Abdel Hafiz Goga, resigned yesterday.

What is certain, during the fighting killed seven soldiers loyal Libyan national council and wounded at least at the 40
“Gaddafi is sleeping”

Local authorities have lost contact with the capital, where he was a struggle, and Benghazi, killing three militants of the official army.
– The Bani valid participated in about 250 soldiers armed with machine guns “Kalashnikov” and rocket launchers, which are sleeping Gaddafi – said the head of the local councils Bani valid Fatamni Mubarak al.
As reported by Reuters, with reporters came to Bani valid part of the people said no and that all Gadafijevih forces during recent fighting have become brothers.

We agreed on this …. former revolutionaries Abdel verbally attacked Benghazi Džalila

Others who wish to remain anonymous, however, says it all started on Monday when he caught a veteran of Gaddafi, sparking anger among their peers.
– Turn to the police headquarters and released him killed a policeman at the door of the police department – said.
Valid Bani is the seat of the powerful and well organized Varhala tribes, which is the end refused to give the new regime, so that the city fell right in the days when he caught and killed Gaddafi.
“The extermination of rats”

– By joining forces loyal to the National Council of Libya, Valid Bani was looted and burned and is just waiting Varhala when it starts to get revenge – analysts say are well acquainted with the situation in Libya. I have met him before last night when the first of about 150 armed members held under siege by the army garrison, who was arrested by government officials Gaddafi


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