Chile: Beatings and sexual abuse against young police

  • Chile: Beatings and sexual abuse against young police

    Chile: Beatings and sexual abuseagainst young policeChile: Beatings and sexual abuse against young police

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    23/01/12.-Lídice Carreno said, “They beat me and threw me to the floor. The Special Forces policemen dragged me to the police bus, and on the stairs there was a sexual abuse against me. ”
    On Friday, January 20, three young men accompanied by family and human rights organizations filed a lawsuit against those responsible for assaults, harassment and outrages committed by the police, on 15 January in Peñablanca, German Villa (V Region of Chile) at the end of End of the World Festival.Alejandro Chaparro’s lawyer filed a complaint and abundant evidence to the 2nd Military Prosecutor of Valparaiso Vania representing Frugone and sisters Sinsi Lidice and Carreño.

    The day of the incident, the girls were cornered, along with hundreds of teenagers, to output the sports arena where the event was done by a large contingent of police, who proceeded to attack at close range and with all the repressive apparatus who wanted to retire at night to their homes. The thousands of attendees agreed that there was no incident … until the police began to beat the crowd.

    Chile: Beatings and sexual abuse against young police

    Chile: Beatings and sexual abuse against young police

    Lidice Carreno said, “They beat me and threw me to the floor. The Special Forces policemen dragged me to the police bus, and on the stairs there was a sexual abuse against me, when we continued to beat him up with the lights off, and they were not identified. ” He said that “in total were three beatings: at the exit of the stadium, police and the bus station in the German Village

    In turn, her sister told Sinsi “It was a long shot, a lot of abuse, we are very bad psychologically, I just want these people do not come back out on the street anymore because they are a hazard can not be in a public office, we want justice. ” Still shocked said “Five years ago we go to the Festival and this never happened, never had Special Forces outside, blocking the exit and throwing tear gas. At the micro as thirteen or fourteen were police, and two lieutenants. We had four policemen beat every one, “he added.

    The most serious, and what is directly responsible for the Mayor Cristian Millar in charge of the 6th police station in Villa Alemana, when the parents of the sisters Carreño (Ariel and Glenda) alerted by friends of the young people attended the police station to ask the status of their daughters, were beaten and arrested. Ariel Carreño was attacked by a group of officials in the midst of the beating he was thrown against a bulkhead, breaking a glass with your body. He was arrested and was formalized by “abuse to the police force” (!) By the German Public Prosecutor Villa. The mother and girls were released around 4 am.

    Although these people had the courage to denounce the mistreatment and abuse by police, were arrested should be noted that over 80 young people, formalized 38 men and 14 women, many of which reported his departure from the station, not only the blows they suffered, but the various sexual assaults they suffered in police buses.

    Once again became evident the serious deficiencies that have the system finding of injury. Physician-in the presence of police officers-just look at the prisoners and put the usual “no injuries”, contributing to the impunity of the criminals in uniform. This is particularly serious in cases of sexual abuse. We hope that the Medical College once and be responsible for this.

    We call on both the national and international community aware of the serious public safety crisis that lives Chile, where officials are responsible for protecting the public, egged on by the Government, it is increasingly less concerned about crime and more than suppress any public expression, whether of protest, athletic or musical as is the case.

    When the President and his Interior Minister undertake public credibility, lie to the country, accusing communities baseless, the prosecutors, judges, then it’s time to put on the political agenda the real meaning of citizen security. Is it to protect the state and its officials from public criticism? Is it intimidating to the public by claiming not to abuse it is submitted? Is it necessary to give more powers to the police-as-o Hinzpeter aims to establish clear boundaries, as demanded by the citizens? When the Chilean government established the Regulations of the Optional Protocol against Torture?

    What is abundantly clear is that we can not tolerate this brutal and psychopathic behavior of state officials…


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