Tripoli fighters does not reduce the intensity of their attacks,Libya and Syria 30th and January 31, 2012.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012 15:25
Author: Maya Orlic/rictv news agency

Tripoli fighters does not reduce the intensity of their attacks. Cells fighters “hide Elawhed” Green Resistance, were able to perform three operations a few days ago. In the first four rebels were killed by snipers, the rebel camp on the outskirts of Bani Walid. In the second operation, one insurgent was killed and destroyed several pick-up and armed with heavy weapons, the “Somoud Misratah.” The third operation is exempt from the three detainees, members of the Libyan, from a military base in Khemis. The situation in Tripoli was growing. Current disappears every day, food is very expensive, which surprises the Libyans, who were accustomed to live surrounded by a lot of food, fuel and energy. People are often angry and protest, and in the streets you can see some of the slogans of former rebels, saying: “. We want to return to the road, which was before the war” People are particularly afraid of conflict among the rebels, because then used heavy weapons, which resembles the time of the explosion.
Make demonstrations took place in Bani Walid, demanding the resignation of Defense Minister. An agreement was reached among the elderly and Bani Walid NTC for the first of February is present in more than 40 police officers who will deal with the safety and security of the city, and five patrol cars. However, this quiet town is still surrounded by rats, and mercenary forces enter inside NTC. According to Dr. Hamza, Warfala call other tribes that do not come in Bani Walid to provide them with support, but in the cities do what they did in the Bani Walid. This will be a productive green Otpor help. Dr. Hamza said that if the NTC can not cope with the situation in the Bani Walid, the question is how to survive if the other cities are beginning to behave similarly, looking for the independence of the Interim National Council. We confirmed the information that the Libyan Minister of Health (which has an Irish passport) stolen millions of dollars for himself and his family, and even bought a luxury home in the conflict in Libya. As for the helicopters that fly Bani Walid Hamza explained that the foreign troops from the right strategy, which will be the best way to enter the Bani Walid.
In Benghazi had an estimate of Al Qaeda with a person, who was later found dead. As you learned, the victim worked at the Ministry of Interior. In Taouragi continual slaughter of blacks, and that children are not spared. The Western media cover these monstrous crimes that blacks excuses mercenaries Gaddafi.
Youcef Medical Chakir all Libyans warned to be careful when using the Internet, organized by a group of rats, freeing people to recognize and try to infiltrate. He added that even tried to break into your computer system, but to no avail. President Dr. has denied rumors that there is abroad and the Libyan government announced that the next few days not to give statements to the media.
On the other hand, in Syria, the government has had great success in the fight against terrorism. They killed and captured many terrorists on the outskirts of Damascus, the last three days.Continues to capture the remaining terrorists, and the minister said that this operation is the fulfillment of the duties of government to the people, in order to complete this period of chaos in the country. This operation came in response to complaints from workers and other citizens of this part of town.When terrorists are captured teams are from the United States and Israel and the terrorists had tasks to kidnap and murder vandalizuju the Syrians and their property.
Syrian official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the U.S., Western states hostile to Syria against Syria mounted a flagrant. “These statements are parallel stripes that terrorist groups had received the last three days, especially today. It also syncs with the Security Council meeting on Tuesday, which is designed for the U.S. and his followers set up a different image of the crisis in Syria. We are not impressed by the lack of wisdom and justification of these statements … We regret that come from countries that are accustomed to the Middle East to present their case for the manifestation of madness. “. The source stressed that Syria will be an exception, which would be contrary to policy chaos, which make up the country.
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