rictv news Libya and Syria 8th and 9 February 2012th

Posted: Thursday, February 9, 2012 14:53
Author: Maja Orlić


Yesterday a group of fighters from Mutasimove brigade attacked the Qatari embassy in Tripoli. Two were thrown an explosive device that destroyed the villa door, white car in the parking lot and set fire to the first floor. Red Army threw the bomb and the French intelligence service headquarters in Tripoli. Because of these attacks, NTC has ignited the house of a civilian and unjustifiably arrested several people in the capital, and there was a conflict in Bab al Aziz. By an exchange of fire and explosion occurred in the region of Souk in the city and the region Laejilateu Karkarche, where assaulted journalists rat El Arabia television. In Benghazi is a Libyan circled the streets of this city recently, the rat, together with a picture Muammar Gaddafi, the sounds of patriotic songs.


Misratski rats refused to officially hand over their weapons because they fear other gangs and the Green Army. We recall that Misraćani expelled from the eastern Tripoli and now the most fights in the port of Tripoli, in the Bab al Aziz, near the embassies of NATO and about Rixos Hotel.

Two days ago, and officially confirmed that it will be head of Security Service Salem al Hassi, the man who tried to assassinate Muammar Gaddafi 1984th in the Bab al Aziz.

As for Syria, Iran President, Ahmadinejad, has confirmed that it will help Syria in its efforts to restore stability, and to be learned, Iran will send 15.000 troops to help the Syrian government. In Syria, there has been an explosion in Daraai, where three civilians were injured. Authorities in Homs on farms in the south of Palmyra found 16 archaeological artifacts that were stolen by terrorists recently.The Syrian government has failed to return lot and stolen public and private automobiles and medical equipment. They were discovered in trenches that are terorsiti used for attacks on civilians, armed terrorist groups continue to attack the refinery in Homs. However, the health minister has denied allegations that Al Jazeera has 20 babies died as a result of power failure.






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