Libya and Syria 23and 24 February

Posted: Thursday, February 24, 2012 15:31
Author: Maja Orlić

In Tripoli fighters from the cell, “Sakr Elawhed” continue their successful operations, and the last was killed a senior rebel officer, who once issued Džamahiriju and Leader Gaddafi. Green fighters attacked and six places where they gather rats, and the attacks that killed four militants, while seven were wounded. In Tajouri the rebels blew up a vehicle, and rats were killed in it.
In Kufri were killed in clashes two major rebel battalion commander rats. The good news is that there has been 425 Green Army convoy in Kufra, which is to supply water, food and medical supplies to be taken care of wounded 293 civilians. International Investment Company Libyan support the Kufra giving it $ 10 billion for economic support. Balance of the day was four dead rats and wounded 10th Jalil, Chief of the National Transitional Council, said that Chad sent planes flying over Kufra, which is not confirmed. It is believed that on these statements want to recall NATO for help, because Libya is free, and be holy for all the trouble.
Italian media reported that the attorney Mutasim Gaddafi said that the Mutasim alive. Mutasim Gaddafi, the fifth child leader Muammar Gaddafi, allegedly died 20th October. One of the attorneys in the Appellate Court in Rome, for libel on account Mutasim, the judges said: “Contrary to what is believed he was alive, and the process must continue. I noticed that there are photographs of dead Mutasim, a response to this is Bin Laden, who has often said that he was dead. ”
In Syria, there was again terorstičkih attacks, which killed five policemen and wounding their seventh However, the border police managed to prevent the entry of terrorists across the border with Turskom.U conflict that killed two terrorists and arrested twelve.

Libija i Sirija 22. i 23. februara 2012. U Tripoliju borci iz ćelije “Sakr Elawhed “ nastavljaju sa uspešnim operacijama, a u poslednjoj je ubijen viši oficir pobunjenika, koji je svojevremeno izdao Džamahiriju i Vođu Gadafija. Zeleni borci su napali i šest mesta, na kojima se okupljaju pacovi,

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