MY EMAIL TO LINDA VOLTZ Your speech about the use of unmanned weapons, drones, was truly touching. I am honestly relieved that the Australian Government has politicians who are questioning and researching the activities of warfare which has resulted in the loss of millions of lives. “Contrary to the belief that victory is the penultimate outcome of war, the reality is that peace is” A BIG THANK YOU , from the bottom of my heart, for reminding our Parliament Members that the objective is PEACE and it cannot be sacrificed for ambitious corporate greed. The sacrifice of valuable human lives, as is the case with our continuous interventions in foreign lands, must be avoided through political dialogue and diplomacy. WAR SHOULD BE THE LAST RESORT, not first option. I have posted your speech on my facebook for my friends who are disillusioned by the apathy of Australian politicians and their reluctance to address the total disregard of human lives through use of warfare as a means to enforce our interests. Destruction to enforce democracy is as silly as it sounds. Humanitarian remote control bombing expeditions in order to protect civilians is a farce! When the civilian targets do not have the weapons to defend themselves or time to flee from the surprise attacks, this is defined as SLAUGHTER OF CIVILIANS. IT IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. IT IS REFRESHING to see a politician stepping up to the role of addressing serious matters of International concern. cheers/Effie Mats

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