Paraguay’s president Federico Franco, attacked hard with Mercosur




Paraguay’s president, Federico Franco, attacked hard with Mercosur, a forum in which his country was suspended following the removal of President Fernando Lugo, who he replaced after a controversial impeachment.

“Mercosur is no longer a commercial institution. We are now talking about ideological club, friend. Decisions of the Congress no longer serve. What counts is the will of the presidents,” said Franco, told the newspaper that reports “O Estado de Sao Paulo“.

Paraguayan President questioned the recent entry of Venezuela into the regional bloc, which also included Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, which consistently opposed their country.

In his view is “absolutely illegal and illegitimate”, “It was a totally political and not legal, drawing the suspension of Paraguay. That commitment, therefore, is absolutely illegal and illegitimate,” he said.

It also stated that his country, for six years prevented the entry of Caracas claiming that the Chavez government offers no democratic safeguards established by the block, “has nothing against Venezuela,” but against Chavez.

“We have nothing against Venezuela. Our problem is that President Chavez, the EPP (Paraguayan People’s Army) and the ratio of the terrorist group we have here with the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), which are supported by Caracas” reported.

He added that “these irregular groups, and terrorists were deplorable business of fear, kidnapping and killing,” for which he concluded, “In these conditions we can not accept anyone in Paraguay and Venezuela want to have sex with EPP, FARC and Chavez” .

He clarified, however, will not give up the Mercosur.

“I have 12 months ahead of government and I will not make a decision that can be ratified by a new President. Not fair or ethical to do something so drastic. From 15 August (2013) have a new government and he decide what to do, “he said.

Asked about “rumors” that indicate that Paraguay intends to conclude bilateral agreements outside the Mercosur, which is prohibited on the block, said his country “to see the Mercosur unjust decision” and being “free and sovereign” is ” relieved of any engagement with the block ‘. “remains to be seen what will happen,” he added.

“There may be some change of position by Paraguay in case we impose economic sanctions, although the presidents of the block and said such sanctions would not be adopted. Sanctions policies only mean that Paraguay is no longer only invited to the meetings” , specified …..